Jes Kirkwood
Growth Marketing Services

Customer Retention


Produced 11 Winning Retention Tactics from 11 Remarkable Marketers in partnership with 9 SaaS micro-influencers, who were recruited via Twitter (38.5% reply rate).

The post drove >1K website sessions in the first month, was featured in at least 5 industry newsletters, and has earned >5K views on GrowthHackers to date.  Soon after being published, it became one of Autopilot's top 10 blog posts of 2017


Wrote a content series on customer retention, which included 6 Retention Email Examples to Reduce Your Customer Churn and 7 Customer Retention Strategies to Apply in 2017.

Together, these two posts drive >1K sessions per month and rank on page 1 for 14 keywords, such as “retention marketing” and “customer retention email examples”.


Produced a multi-channel campaign to launch Insights by Autopilot, goal tracking for customer journey marketers.

Product Hunt alone drove >1.2K website sessions, making it a top 10 traffic source in June 2017.  After securing SaaS influencer Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré as our Hunter and encouraging support from our community, Insights became the #1 trending product in marketing and has earned 273 upvotes to date.


Produced 28 Influential Sales Pros to Follow on Social Media, an influencer-driven roundup which earned 3.5K views, >1K social shares, and 85 leads in just 10 days

Within minutes, this post became PersistIQ's #1 most shared blog post of 2017