Jes Kirkwood
Marketer & Content Creator


Jes Kirkwood is an inbound certified content writer and marketer with expertise in customer engagement. 

Hi, I'm Jes Kirkwood. At heart, I'm a strategist—forward-thinking and intuitive, yet driven by research and biased toward action. 

As an inbound certified marketer with expertise in community development, customer marketing, and content marketing, I am passionate about crafting insightful and actionable content that keeps target audiences engaged—even after the sale. My passion for B2B SaaS and experience working remotely for startups in Canada and the United States make me an ideal choice for subscription-based businesses throughout North America.

Since 2007, I have lived in Vancouver, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Prague. I identify with values such as diversity and inclusion, access over ownership, and work-life balance. In my free time, I enjoy exploring Super Natural British Columbia with my wife Zuzana.