Jes Kirkwood
Growth Marketing Services


Jes Kirkwood is an inbound certified content writer and marketer with expertise in customer engagement. 

As a results-driven marketing leader with expertise in content marketing, customer marketing, and strategic partnerships, I help fuel the growth of B2B SaaS startups. 

At heart, I'm a strategist—forward thinking and intuitive, yet driven by data and biased toward action. I take pride in identifying the few things that will move the needle, rallying teams around those priorities, and managing each project to completion. 

Since 2007, I have lived in Vancouver, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Prague. I identify with values such as diversity and inclusion, access over ownership, and work-life balance. In my free time, I enjoy exploring Super Natural British Columbia with my wife Zuzana.


Currently, I spearhead community and content partnerships at Autopilot HQ. We’re on a mission to empower every marketer to create remarkable customer experiences